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Windrow liter per square meter help

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Created30.03.2016 06:26

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 30.03.2016 06:32
Hello I am wondering how I can adjust the liters per square meter for wheat barley and grass in my personal map. It is a multifruit map that is 4x size. I have got the multifruits and multifruit windrows adjusted by using the additional fruit types script. I also putanother one in my sample mod map.lua file which follows as:

function changeFruit_LiterPerSqm(fruitName, newLiterPerSqm)
local fruitTypeString = "FRUITTYPE_" .. string.upper(fruitName)
if FruitUtil[fruitTypeString] == nil then
print("Fruit-type '".. fruitName .."' is not registered, so can not change its liter-per-sqm.")

local fruitIndex = FruitUtil[fruitTypeString]
local fruitDesc = FruitUtil.fruitIndexToDesc[fruitIndex]

print("Changing fruit-type '".. fruitName .."' liter-per-sqm from ".. tostring(fruitDesc.literPerSqm) .." to ".. tostring(newLiterPerSqm))
fruitDesc.literPerSqm = newLiterPerSqm

changeFruit_LiterPerSqm( "wheat" , 0.3 )

It works for the "grain adjustment" but not the windrow. I am not good at scripting so i was wondering if anyone knows how to change the liters of wheat, barley and grass windrows per square meter?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2016 08:37

you probably want to adjust the following value:

But take into consideration that the amount which can be put on the area of 1m^2 is limited and quantized.
So it might not be the best idea to increase that value extremely ;)


Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 31.03.2016 04:21
Ok I'll give it a try. Thanks! I'll let you know if i got it figured out.

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 31.03.2016 04:22
I wanted to reduce the numbers because for some reason i get alot of product from my windrows.

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