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Created30.03.2016 19:56

Ibon Mendoza (Unknown) 30.03.2016 20:02
I have made a map but it gives me lag in the game(Low fps 13-20) and in the standard map i play with 50fps . What should i do?
Also I wanted to know which are going to be the requirements of fs17 ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2016 07:38

like the title of this topic says ... reducing the clipdistance can help.

In general you should pay attention to not have:
- too many objects (being rendered at the same time)
- objects with more than one material
- lots of foliage layers (if visible they count as objects too)
- all animals at one place (their animation is expensive)
- clean scripts (remove all other mods except your map to check if there's a mod causing problems)

The requirements for FS17 will probably stay the same on the lower end.
But for high end the requirements might raise, as always.


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