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Created12.04.2016 16:14

Wing Commander (wingi) 12.04.2016 16:16
Hello, hope you can help me. Which jointType use the Holmer from the DLC pack for the different constructions ???


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2016 06:50

the holmer uses a normal joint.
There is only one joint type.
But you can set a lot of attributes for such a joint.

The basic principle of the Holmer T4 is the "articulated axis" specialization which is alos used in other default veicles.

But maybe you are wondering how the different steering modes are done?
In this case I have to say sorry, that feature is limited to the DLC.


Wing Commander (wingi) 13.04.2016 21:36
No, i need only the jointType for the slurryTank for example ore the overloader, tipper and so on. How jointType is it ? I know for example: trailer, lowtrailer, semitrailer, implement and so on. What jointType is used for the slurry Tank and the other things where i can attach on the Holmer. Because i have a own animated tank, and i want to attach this tank on the holmer, but i can`t, because i don`t know the jointType :-) . Hope you can read my bad english, sorry.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.04.2016 07:15

aha, you mean that attacherJoint :)

"terraVariant", what else should it be named ;)


Wing Commander (wingi) 14.04.2016 13:43
Thx very much :-) It works .

Greetings wingi

Wing Commander (wingi) 17.04.2016 01:53

PS: our result for it:

it works perfect, thx :-)

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