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Can't add grass un GE

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Created13.04.2016 12:02

Fs Hayday88 (Unknown) 13.04.2016 12:06
Hello, I have a problem, when I want to add grass into the Bjornholm map that I edit, I cant!! I only can delete it.
Please help me!

Fs Hayday88 (Unknown) 13.04.2016 19:49

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.04.2016 01:43
you need to check box 8 and one of your mose buttons selected to add.

Reef (Unknown) 14.04.2016 09:51
It's not 8 it's 6 (1 + 6 actually)

See image >

Fs Hayday88 (Unknown) 14.04.2016 10:51
OK, thanks you very much. I will try this afternoon.

Fs Hayday88 (Unknown) 14.04.2016 19:09
Thanks for you help, the problem is solved!!

William Rowe (Bonger76) 15.04.2016 03:12
sorry about that I'm working on numChannels="14" numTypeIndexChannels="6" map it is 1+8 for the grass

Oisin Ohagan (Yoshi) 01.08.2016 19:32
my computer crashes when I try to paint any thing any help?

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