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Liquidmanure, Manure prices drop to 0

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Created22.04.2016 05:20

Manny Dos Santos (Manny2PlayFS) 22.04.2016 05:24
Hi farmers, moders and developers.

Im runing a mod map and i found a issue with the prices of Straw, Grass, LiquidManure and Manure droping to 0

The prices fall hour by hour and hit 0 and stay there.

Any idea how to solve that.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.04.2016 08:15

to me it sounds like it is a problem with the mod map.
Does the map make use of custom scripts? ... and what do they do?


Jelczownik Starownik (Unknown) 23.04.2016 13:37
Sorry for off topic but why i cant creat a new topic ? I am new on forum

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