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Created26.04.2016 04:40

Daniel Butler (frappydan) 26.04.2016 04:59
Hi, somewhat new to editing the i3d files. Even though I have many questions I'll start with one.

I'm a c# and Web programmer and this game data stuff is still confusing to me,

I started a new map from map02. (Exported) as map01.i3d and made many changes to it without issues. Decided to add forests so I tried copying the related lines and textures into my new map from the map01.i3d file. Got density map copied into my map02 folder that I exported. ForestGrass copied Added fileid line, material reference and overlay data with ids that dont clash. Log file shows no errors and giant's editor shows forestGrass in my dropdown for foliage paint and is selectable but I cant paint the forest grass. There's a custom shader associated with the overlay but don't know where the shader is so must be the problem.

Can anyone telk me what I'm doing wrong here?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.04.2016 07:01

depending on what kind of layer you'veinserted you might need to set some 'bits'.
The normal fruit types for example have different growth states which can be selected by using a bit mask.


Daniel Butler (frappydan) 26.04.2016 07:55
This was the forestGrass from the map01.i3d. As far as I can compare them they seem to have only one channel. If I edit the map01 map in giant's editor it gives me the top 0 checkbox and nothing else can I check. I get the same when I try to paint forestGrass in my map but nothing results from painting. The foredt grass has no growth states that I'm aware of. Thanks for the suggestion however.

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