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Fruits disappering instead of advancing to the next growth stage

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Created22.05.2016 04:12

David Hinton (Unknown) 22.05.2016 04:20
I am finally trying to convert my 16x map over to FS15 now that the game supports maps that size. I updated the game, updated GE, updated the shaders as well as my mod map LUA file. Instead of using a blank mod map, I just exported the original map with all files to my desktop and replaced the weight files to make it my map once again.
I added my extra fruits to my map and have gotten them squared away, so they're paintable in GE and produce no errors. However, I went to test the map in game and fast forwarded time to force my fruits to advance to the next growth stage. Well instead of advancing to the next growth stage, they actually disappear!. Not just go invisible, they disappear completely from where they were planted. This is not only for my added fruits, but for default fruits and grass as well. In fact grass is the first to disappear.
Any ideas on what I'm missing.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.05.2016 07:13

not sure what went wrong, but I would start from scratch again and compare in detail the lines which add the additional fruit types.
Also take care of the materials (new shaders)


David Hinton (Unknown) 23.05.2016 23:33
Emil, thanks for the reply.

Shaders are the updated ones that I found in same German forum you linked in another topic. This isn't only affecting added fruits but it's affecting in game fruits and grasses. Is there a direct download link for the correct shaders needed for a 16x map? Maybe the ones I got were bad?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.05.2016 07:09

here is the original post:


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