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Created26.05.2016 08:28

Fabio Celsa (fcelsa) 26.05.2016 08:36

we have a chance to make multiple diameter round baler capability using default Baler specialization ?
I have already register new bale type with FS15 method, and my baler can make 1,6m diameter custom round bale, but I would like to select multiple diameter during work, and would like to discharge baler, like square baler, with the closest size.

Thanks for any useful information,

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.05.2016 06:55

fisrt of all you need a custom script to select the bale size.

Take a look at the Baler specialization:

It already has some very usefull variables set to switch between different bale types.

line 140: loading of different bale types (sizes)
line 155: self.currentBaleTypeId = 1; (default bale type)

So you have starting poinit.
But you need some further script work do make it work and, depending on what demands you have, you might need more or less work to invest into that custom script.


Fabio Celsa (fcelsa) 30.05.2016 15:42
Hello Emil,

thank you very much! showed me the way :)

One first basically script is ready and work, I need some other code to be generally used on any variable chamber round baler, and say goodbye to FS2013 BalerVariableChamber.lua ... right ? ;)

thanks again for your help, greetings,

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