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map doesn't load

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Created27.05.2016 22:28

Gürol Salk (Geopard) 27.05.2016 22:32
Hi I created a new map and wanted to play with it.
The map doesn't load.
I don't have any log errors. I could all clean them.
I also cleaned the mod folder that I only have my map inside.
It loads 3 or 4 times till hourglass turns and then it crushes.
Other maps I can play.
I have only problem with my map.
In log txt I can see that it loads till vehicles. When it is loading the vehicles it crashes.

Sorry but I don't have any answer to this. Would like to get any answer.

best regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2016 07:27

hmmmm, really no errors in the log?

Maybe you have not set up the spawn places, correctly?

Try to change the default vehicles to none - is the map load successfully in this case?


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