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Won't let me save the dedicatedServer.xml file

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Created29.05.2016 06:33

Tex Flick (Unknown) 29.05.2016 06:38
Hi all,

So, When I bought a second version of the game i went to where it was installed and opened up the dedicatedServer.exe file and ran it, then went to the IP address in chrome, then I opened up the dedicatedServer.xml and there is no password in the <password></password> tag. I put a password in and it won't let me save the xml file I get this error: ( ). am I doing something wrong?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2016 07:38

this might be a problem of 'user rights'.
You could try to install the game in a different location or try to edit the file width 'admin rights'.

But there should be randomly generated pw in that file after starting the dedicated server.


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