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Objects show up in GE, but not in-game.

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Created29.05.2016 09:53

Calisimfan (NASCARfan1420) 29.05.2016 09:56
I recently started making maps with Giants Editor. As I've gotten further and further into my map, everything was all fine and well until today. As I was testing my map, I click the start button and start to wander around the farm and find that my previously "visible" cow pasture and fences were completely invisible. The shed, fences, and trees/bushes are all now invisible. The odd thing is, is that they show up PERFECTLY fine in Giants Editor.

Anyone here got a clue on what is going on?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2016 07:40

hard to say from a distance.

Well, one idea: make sure that you do not have any other copy of your map in the mods folder (e.g. a zipped version of it).


Calisimfan (NASCARfan1420) 01.06.2016 02:08
I figured it out and it seemed to be that when I took the newly placed objects and models and put them into the default cowHusbandry transform group they showed up fine in GE but not in the actual game. I took them back out of the transform group and it worked fine. Interesting. Oh well, I seemed to solve it,

Thanks anyways!
- Steven

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