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Created02.06.2016 04:33

Dustin Hruzek (Unknown) 02.06.2016 04:35
I am trying to modify a downloaded map. One of the fields is plowed but it is actually a plowed image over the entire field and I cannot get ride of it. Not sure what I need to do to clear it.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.06.2016 06:53

please make sure that it is not a 'normal field' which uses the 'terrain color/textures'.
You can have a look at our video tutorials, they explain the basics of field manipulation and after that it should be cleart how to check what you have.

If it really is a normal object, you can just select it with a mouse click and delete it.


Dustin Hruzek (Unknown) 03.06.2016 03:14
Thanks for responding.

No, it is not a "normal field" as the field next to it can be edited using the terrain color / textures. This was a downloaded map and it looks as if someone placed an image (bitmap) over the top of the field to keep anyone from using it. I tried clicking on the image but it will not delete. Seems as if it is hidden somewhere else.

I did look at the videos although I did learn some new things, I didn't see how to delete this.

Thanks again,

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 03.06.2016 07:12

which map is it?
Do you have a download link for me?
Would be interested in checking what that is :)


Dustin Hruzek (Unknown) 04.06.2016 01:09
Here is the link:

I am finding the issue directly behind the main barn / house.

This is my first attempt at editing maps, so I am trying to learn as much as I can by searching for the answers but I am not sure how to search to find the answer.

Dustin Hruzek (Unknown) 05.06.2016 22:52
Ok, so I think I've finally found what it happening. I needed to put the Foliage Layer Painting into "terrainDetail" and use the "Terrain Foliage Paint Mode". This has now resolved my problem. I enjoy playing FS and wanted to try modifying things on my own but it makes it hard and irritating for a new person to get the hang of it.

Thanks for your help Emil.

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