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Making trees cutable with chainsaw

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Created05.07.2016 17:07

Simon Fab (fabinho15000) 05.07.2016 17:12
I would want to know, if it was possible, the check options in maya i3d exporter to make a guilty ^^ trees with the chainsaw.
Thanks you for your answer.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.07.2016 07:25

yes, you need to set the "split Type".
If you have a look at the default trees you will find a value for that attribute which fits your needs.


Simon Fab (fabinho15000) 06.07.2016 09:01
Thanks for your reply but when i'm exporting i check the split type but no effect in i3d, and how can i make and export the non manifold edge for the attachement in i3d ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.07.2016 07:09

if the object does not have the "split Type" attribute after exporting it, you need to check the attributes of the object in maya.

The attachements should be created automatically, if everything is correctly set up.
Just place the elements as childs under the main node (and maybe name them accordingly)


Simon Fab (fabinho15000) 08.07.2016 13:08
Thanks, how can i create a new type ?is there a tutorial somewhere ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.07.2016 07:39

well, there is a fucntion with which you can register new splitTypes ...
The base game has the following types registered already:
name, splitType
"spruce", 1,
"pine", 2,
"larch", 3,
"birch", 4,
"beech", 5,
"maple", 6,
"oak", 7,
"ash", 8,
"locust", 9,
"mahogany", 10
"poplar", 11
Maybe there's something that fits your needs?


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