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Created20.07.2016 21:11

Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 20.07.2016 21:30
I am trying to modify the Thuringer Agrar Leguna 40 to allow colour pick of the main vis area not just the supports.
I have extracted the i3d and xml from the games file and written a new modDesc.
Everything works regarding colour picker but when I load a ingame header onto the trailer it does not lock
The vehicle type is dynamicMountAttacherTrailer with the following specializations

<specialization name="attachable" />
<specialization name="animatedVehicle" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="foldable" />
<specialization name="dynamicMountAttacher" />
<specialization name="washable" />
<specialization name="mountable" />
all index paths have been checked against i3d and xml.
no errors in the log

Using ingame Thuringer Agrar Leguna everything works OK

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.07.2016 07:12

take a look at your vehicle.xml

This line:
<dynamicMountAttacherTrigger triggerNode="0>3" ......... />
must be there and its entries must have valid/correct values to make the dynamicMountAttacher work


Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 21.07.2016 14:25
Vehicle xml extracted from game file line reads,

<dynamicMountAttacherTrigger triggerNode="0>4" rootNode="0>" jointNode="0>" forceAcceleration="500" mountType="TYPE_AUTO_ATTACH_XZ"/>


Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 22.07.2016 14:39
The complete story
As previously stated both the Leguan40 i3d and xml were taken from the game data file so all values were correct.
The modified trailer works OK in the game header locks and releases ok but when the ingame trailer is brought into the game everthing still works until you load the ingame trailer with a header, this locks and loads ok. If you then try to load the modified trailer with a header it doesn't lock but slides forward off of the trailer like a collision problem which is what it turned out to be. I had another header trailer I converted from FS13 so I tried the dynamicMount on that and everthing worked perfectly even with the ingame Leguan loaded. On checking the collision value of the FS13 convert it was 2102 as opposed to the Leguan which was 2002 changing the modified Leguan to 2102 solved the problem everything now works perfectly on all trailers. Perhaps Emil you could shed some light on this collision problem ?


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