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Created15.08.2016 19:05

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 15.08.2016 19:41
I'm messing with the Schlüter 2500 tractor - I've made it a bit wider track, put dual wheels on and altered the steering geometry. The result works quite well. There are still some issues (like my useless 3D graphics skills mean I can't readily extend the axles - but that doesn't really show in practice)

However, the thing that's bugging me is wheel tracks. In the Giants Editor, I've added the outer wheels as children of the original wheels, and they work fine but only create one set of tracks.

So I thought, I'll add wheel definitions for the rear outer wheels - and for this purpose, it makes no odds if I made the rear outers (e.g.) 0>33 or left them as children of the base wheel, e.g. 0>2|0. The wheels make tracks but they no longer drive in unison with the original wheel, whether or not they are a child. Obviously, that's visually just as wrong as not creating tracks

Front wheels are a whole other issue as they are children of a (non-visible) fender - so the fender is 0>0 and the original front wheel is 0>0|0 for example. My outer wheel is thus 0>0|0|0 and works exactly as expected but only the inner wheel leaves tracks - trying to define the outer fronts as additional wheels led to a hilarious fail of the steering. I'm guessing I would have to duplicate the "fender" parts to get that to work, but I don't know if they'd steer accurately. In any case, it would be adequate visually if just the rear wheels made dual tracks.

So, how do I define the additional rear wheels in such a way that they drive in sync with the originals, and yet produce wheel tracks?

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 18.08.2016 11:15
Doesn't look as though anyone knows. Can I add wheel tracks to the dds atlas? and if so, how, without editing the standard game files? This won't be ideal - it won't for example allow for such things as rowcrop duals as fitted to some combines - which have the same problem as my modded Schlüter, only one set of tyres leave tracks.

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