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Created17.08.2016 07:30

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 17.08.2016 07:35
I'm brand new to vehicle modding. I'm trying to mod the in game ih quadtrack 620. I was able to figure out how to just make a moddesc.xml and I copied the vehicle.xml. I am able to purchase and use the tractor. The problem I'm having is I want to add components to the tractor. I opened the i3d file and exported it to my own folder however after pointing to the correct folders/files when I purchase the tractor it only has the tracks and labels. I am sitting in midair with a fully functional tractor, however there is no tractor body. Am I exporting incorrectly or what do I have to change in the vehicle.xml?

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 18.08.2016 11:12
It's easier to find a mod of the vehicle you want to work on. That way you have all the files you need. If you make a mod based on an in-game vehicle, you need to have all the related files in your mod zip archive.

What I do is to have a copy of the original zip, in addition to the one in the game mod folder. Extract the zip of the mod into a new directory and edit it there. This lets Giants Editor (GE) load all the textures etc. when you open the i3d, which makes life easier.

GE is very handy but it's not a full 3D building engine, for which you need Maya or Blender or such. However, GE can be used to add already-built constructs to a vehicle which is what I guess you're doing. You need to be careful not to alter other things by mistake, and it's quite possible to horribly break the mod. When that happens, you have to replace the i3d with the original from your zip archive, which you never ever edit or replace anything in, so you always have an original known-working copy.

When you have made an edit, copy any changed files into the archive in the live game mods folder (it helps to create a shortcut on the desktop). Open the game and see how your changes affect it. If you break a mod so it crashes the game, just replace the altered files from that original, untouched archive.

If you add parts that are active, remember you also have to edit the xml file and/or scripts so that the parts function as they should. You can generally see how to do that by looking at the stock vehicles for one which has the parts you want to use.

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