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Created30.08.2016 08:03

Prom Games (PromGames) 30.08.2016 08:04
Please download from here: (edit by moderator: link removed)
We have got this happend thanks to the sponsorization of the new specialized gaming Modding Central community and ABC Game Severs.

Also thanks to Markus (elpatron) for allowing us to use his engine to manage files and folders, mods and symlimkings. (Mod Manager Pro)

William Burns (51stHD) 03.09.2016 13:28
This appealed to me & I downloaded it. However my antivirus immediately found & quarantined a thing called TR/Dropper.MSIL.mega

So I gave up on your program & deleted it.

I'm curious as to what this dropper thing was doing in your file and also why the installation process is so complex?

Stephen Wiggins (Stdape) 06.09.2016 19:52
I don't blame you for deleting it its a Trojan . Maybe Admin will look into it and delete post

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.09.2016 08:05

links are deleted now.
Thanks for letting us know!


William Burns (51stHD) 07.09.2016 11:27
Your welcome for the heads up.

It's described as a Trojan on Avira's site.

It's interesting & telling to note that they (Prom games) have yet to respond to my 1st post.

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 10.09.2016 20:39
For me no problem, my avg give no virus

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