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Created17.09.2016 17:01

Stephen Wiggins (Stdape) 17.09.2016 17:06
Hi one for the experts I am building my first custom map, and i am stuck.The question is how do i make my Cow Manure Heap so it fills? I am using the Cow Husbandry he standard one.
I have managed to get the Liquid Manure working, but Hard Manure and Milk seem to be not working.
I know thread is on Cow Manure but the Milk trigger works fine added in a game (mod) but trying to add it in a Map i am making.
Any Help would be great :)

Stephen Wiggins (Stdape) 17.09.2016 17:25
Sorry just realized i needed a few Bourbons to sort problem :) Sorry for wasting any time

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