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Created19.09.2016 20:46

Don Larsen (Unknown) 19.09.2016 20:59
I recently downloaded a mod and it is not playing well with courseplay. The mod will load fine withoutcourseplay. In order to fixI need to access the mods xml file.The problem is when I open the mod folder the only thing in there that I can see is the moddesc file and some shaders. theres no even an i3d file. The moddesc file references the mmods xml file and the mod does load on its own so the file has to be there.I just cant see it even when I show hidden hidden files. Is there another trick to finding it? Thank you in advance for any help.

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 20.09.2016 05:05
Maybe those are the files but the creator just changed the file extensions. Look in the moddesc, there should be the root folder where the file is.

Don Larsen (Unknown) 20.09.2016 19:58
thank you for the response..I ended up just opening every file until I found it.crafty fella he was

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