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possible to rename fields???

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Created16.10.2016 19:31

Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 16.10.2016 19:33
possible to rename fields instead them sayin 1 and such in the pda to a name?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.10.2016 08:55

you can use the user attribute 'fieldName' (of type string) to set a specific name for a field (on the same object where you set 'fieldArea' and 'fieldPrice')


Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 23.10.2016 18:44
is there a way so that courseplay can read the new name instead of numbers?....also noticed in the ingame menu for growth the fields are still numbered after doing this....but the pda reads my name ive set for them

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.10.2016 08:50

about the 'GUI inconsistency' I have to talk with my colleagues if we can fix that in a future patch.
Any mod can read the field name.


Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 24.10.2016 17:53
Okay can add one of those lines in sample mod lua for map then n fix it or? What do I do with those lines

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.10.2016 08:09

those lines should show how you could read the name of a specific field.
In the end it only shows the data structure for the fields partially.

So, if you want to edit the fields on your very own mod map, simply add the user attribute to the field.

The 'gui inconsistency' can't be fixed from the user side, it must be fixed internally.


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