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Three point hitch dimensions

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Created19.10.2016 13:02

Anthon P (Arborfarmer) 19.10.2016 13:15
I'm trying to make a weight, as my first attachable mod. So far it is working to buy and attach and so on, but my problem is that the dimensions are off. So my question is if you can get the dimensions for the three point hitches used in Farmin Simulator somewhere? Also I would like to know how and where you decide what your weight actually weighs?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.10.2016 08:03

about the actual weight of a tool.
You can set the density in Maya (or later on in GE), this will influence the weight/mass.

About the dimesnions.
You can export an object from an I3D file to .obj.
This format can be imprted into Maya for example.
If you do this with a tool (weight) or with a three point hitch of a tractor you get a reference for the dimesnions.


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