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How do I make a new mod from scratch?

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Created01.11.2016 01:49

Tyson Foulger (Tyson) 01.11.2016 01:49
Hi, I am wondering how to create a new mod from scratch. I also want to know how to create new map from scratch too.

Dennis Jensen (IngGolF) 08.11.2016 16:47
Start creating your mod in or maya
From there, you must have blender_i3d_export_6.0.2_win( or later, you can export to Giant Editor. From there, go for youtube channels or forums, for modding it...

Try ec.

Tyson Foulger (Tyson) 08.11.2016 19:55
Is blender or maya free? I'm looking for somthing free.

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