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Set the day time with Lua

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Created18.10.2019 13:26

James Walker (ilmiont) 18.10.2019 13:26
In console there is `gsSetDayTime` command.

How can you achieve the same thing with Lua? I can't find it within g_currentMission. There is g_currentMission.environment.currentHour / g_currentMission.environment.currentMinute but setting these values doesn't seem to do anything.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.10.2019 14:15
In FS19 one can use "g_currentMission.environment.consoleCommandSetDayTime()" or "g_currentMission.environment.setEnvironmentTime()".
But I'm not sure if it works in FS15 already. Try out.

James Walker (ilmiont) 18.10.2019 15:40

"g_currentMission.environment.consoleCommandSetDayTime()" works perfectly as expected.

"g_currentMission.environment.setEnvironmentTime()" is available but I don't know what the parameters should be.

If I run:

"g_currentMission.environment.consoleCommandSetDayTime(18.0)" the time gets set to 18:00 as expected.

If I run:

"g_currentMission.environment.setEnvironmentTime(18.0)" nothing happens.

If I run:

"g_currentMission.environment.setEnvironmentTime(18, 0)" then the time gets set to 00:00.

Haven't figured out yet what the second command expects but the first works great, thank you!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.10.2019 15:50
I'd assume, as first parameter is an environment table expected.
Perhaps it works with 'setEnvironmentTime(nil, time)' or 'setEnvironmentTime(g_currentMission.environment, time)'?

James Walker (ilmiont) 18.10.2019 17:22
Either of your suggestions result in:

Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/environment/Environment.lua(445) : attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'currentDay' (a table value)
Error: Running LUA method 'draw'.
D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/environment/Environment.lua(659) : attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'dayOffset' (a table value)

I don't know much about modding but it's interesting! I will use the "consoleCommandSetDayTime()" instead which works as expected.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.10.2019 20:16
Unluckily it's not documented anywhere, so one can only guess.
According to the error messages maybe the function expects setEnvironmentTime(currentDay, dayOffset, time)?
Anyway, much room for own experiments. *g*

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