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AI neighbors are offering incorrect work

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Created26.10.2016 22:46

Ausimods (AusiMods) 26.10.2016 22:54
I have successfully created a new map for FS17 and for the most part everything seems to be working except for the neighbors. While i have them offering work they are offering work that can not be done such as harvest crops that are most definitely not available.
obviously i have missed something but i dont know what so any assistance would be great to resolve this.

i have the field terrain using channels 0 + 4 (cultivated + fertilized) correct field sizes etc.
The game log shows no errors other than "must be zipped for multi" and "icon.png raw format" both of these are minor and nothing to do with the problem. GE 7.2 shows no errors on map load

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.10.2016 09:34


- the fieldArea must be set correctly (these transformGroups which determine the size of the field)

- the icon which represents the field position on the pda must be in the field, because the location of that is used to determine which crop is currently on the field

That might help?


Ausimods (AusiMods) 27.10.2016 10:33
Hi Emil
I had already discovered the importance of the field area and had adjusted it as i originally set it to be slightly more than the field work area and had some overlap issues. The changes however did not alter the offered work situation.
Not sure if you mean a specific location for the icon. However i do have it in the field.
Currently i have the complete field group located at approximate center of field work area the map indicator is roughly centered in the field, the buy icon is at the gate, all dimension markers are set to the edge of the work area.

i have been fooling with this for a day and a half now and it doesn't seem to matter what i do i am out of sync with the AI (neighbor).

Ok well i guess it is what it is at least the map is playable and its only for me so i guess i can just put up with it.
I thank you very much for your attempt to assist me and will definitely be checking back to see any further ideas you or others may have.

Thanks again. Lloyd

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