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Bunkersilo unused UserAttributes

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Created27.10.2016 10:37

Hendrik Elkmann (derelky) 27.10.2016 10:41

i work on a mod to fermenting CCM (CornCobMix) for this i need to change the bunkersilo funktion.
As i open the MAP in GE i see the User Attributes fermentedFillTypes and fillTypes. As i thought i can now tell the Silo which is the fermentedfilltype of an filltype direct in user attribute (for example maize -> CCM) but u cant find any relationship in the script files (bunkersilo and other).

So are these UserAttributes completely useless?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.10.2016 08:14

yes that was the initial idea.
Seems like we forgot to clean it, sorry for that!

BunkerSilo.lua, line 49 and following:

self.acceptedFillTypes = {};
self.inputFillType = FillUtil.FILLTYPE_CHAFF;
self.fermentingFillType = FillUtil.FILLTYPE_TARP;
self.outputFillType = FillUtil.FILLTYPE_SILAGE;

Changing these values should be enough to make a "CCM silo".

So you could easily overwrite some functions of the BunkerSilo to create a CCMSilo.
should be enough, more or less ;)


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