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particleAnimations always visible (FS15-conversion)

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Created28.10.2016 10:20

Adrian Matzinger (amhh115) 28.10.2016 10:35

I'm currently trying to convert the missing Grimme Maxtron 620 from FS15 to FS17.
So far so good.. The machine can be purchased, fold/unfold, harvest, overload and it is being offered when starting missions on a field with sugarbeets. I've updated all shaders, the i3d-file, replaced some textures and installed the new realLights for lighting. I've converted the particleAnimations from FS15 too.

The only problem: The particleAnimations are visible and moving all the time. They're also not 100% in the right place.
I've tried to look at the animations in the vehicles from FS17, but they all have this new morpheffect.

You can find the XML-File here:
The pathes in the i3d-file(s) are still the same as in the FS15 modell.

Since I have absolutely no idea of 3D work, I ask you whether someone of you a) can explain me how I can use the animations of fs15 correctly or b) create the new morpheffects for this models.

Thanks for your time and help.

Greeting Adrian

Answer in german and english possible.

Ismael A. (Unknown) 28.10.2016 12:12
You must use particleAnimations FS17, see a cultivator FS17.

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