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Created01.11.2016 12:14

Signo Andrea (andrea98) 01.11.2016 12:16
Hello, i'm try to convert maps to farming simulator 2015 to farming simulator 2017 but i'havent' a result becuse during the conversion show the errore in a scripting window in Giants editor 7.0.2. They show me the video tutorial to convert a maps thank you

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 01.11.2016 12:50
Same problem here. I am trying to convert terrain only for now.
Until now I figured out that all the textures should be the same size (I set diffuse and normal textures to 2048x2048, distance textures to 256x256, all without aplha channels). But what I got when I open i3d with GE 7.0.2 is black terrain with no textures. =/

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