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Wanting to make a map, but don't know where to start

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Created02.11.2016 17:11

Leif Ege (leifege) 02.11.2016 17:15

I am wanting to create a map for FS17, but don't know where to begin. I am aiming to make a 4x map if it is possible. What do I have to do initially to resize a default map to a 4x sized map (what files need to be edited, resized, etc)?

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 02.11.2016 20:40
Try this...
Hope it works! :)

Leif Ege (leifege) 03.11.2016 15:36
Ok next question: how do I resize the map to be a 4x map (twice the size of a default map)?

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 08.11.2016 13:30
If you want your resized map to work correctly,you must resize all gdm and grle files.This is pretty complicated process,but i try to explain to you:

1.I suppose you have blank map,if you dont make sure to flatten terrain,and after that resize map_dem .PNG to 2048x2048,and all weights .PNG.

2.You must make grayscale images for all gdm files with the same name but without the exstensions.They must be correct sizes,8192x8192,i suppose 4096x4096 size will work also,but first value is recomended.

3.After you done all that,and if you are done correctly,one last thing opet the map in giants editor and save it.

This is it,i hope it would help!

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 08.11.2016 14:25

Such beautifull theories always amazed me, but how you ordered your answers :

1,about resizing map_dem to 2048 you' re are wrong it should be resized to 2049x2049

2, how do you make greyscale images from gdm files??? how do you resize gdm ???

3 Nobody can do all that for they' ll never reach the steps you' re telling us

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 08.11.2016 15:18
It is not a theory,it is pretty simple and straight forward.And it is not matter map_dem can be also 2048x2048,nothing is changed and map still works like a charm.
Now about greyscales images and gdm file: no you are not converte gdm files,i said you must make blank grayscale .PNG image with same name like gdm files.
So for "cultivator_density.gdm", "cultivator_density.png" and that order.
After you make grayscale images you must delete all .gdm files from folder and open the map in giants editor,then save it.
Editor would make new .gdm files,so you dont have that problem anymore.
Sorry if am sound confusing,but this is not very complicated,it is tested already and work like a charm.

Leif Ege (leifege) 08.11.2016 18:17
Thank you Tarja, your method has worked for me.

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 08.11.2016 18:41
You welcome Leif,it is my pleasure to help people cause sometimes even i get stuck LOL

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