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Converting from FS15 to FS17

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Created06.11.2016 18:43

Simon Boyle (Unknown) 06.11.2016 18:43
Little Help Required - I have a FS15 mod that i want to use in FS17. (I have converted it through Giants Editor 7.0.2) I can get the Item into the store but i am unable to purchase item, can anyone help me please

Christian Ferfers (Unknown) 07.11.2016 17:39
pls post your log. There must be an Error in your xml.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 07.11.2016 20:08
Everybody is having that same problem. There is supposed to be an update to the editor form what I've been told.

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 07.11.2016 21:00
eurhm its a converter, not an -win button. It can only do the standard things from giants fs15 and that's it.

To continue your convertion process, just plain old fashion edit work

step 1, disable all scripts references in both moddesc and vehicle.xml use <!-- blablabla --> to put the stuff that is not suppose to load as a comment, beats erasing it.

then try if it loads and continue from there on, u will see in the files that theres notes from the converter on what has to be changed manually etc, can not miss those.

then find ls17 versions of those scripts or play a while without them if they are not converted yet.

Basicly the converter only works on basic mods without any extra function

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