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Default placebales not visible in GE

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Created11.11.2016 00:05

Todd Mccuistion (Unknown) 11.11.2016 00:10
Items I have placed while playing the game, are not visible in GE with a modded map (Canadian National Map). I have placed a lot of items that are purchased in the Shop, mainly buildings and trees, but I want to add more cosmetic objects around those buildings using GE.

Is this just a part of GE that we have to live with, or am I doing something wrong in GE that makes "ingame" placebles not visible?

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 11.11.2016 09:42
Your confusing 2 program's and their fucntionality; placeable items added in FS15 are just an xml entry as vehicle and that's it.

The editor does not use the game files so it can never read that. If u want to see the placable and edit its surrounding area your gonna have to embed it in the map itself to see it.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 13.11.2016 09:41
You can add them, permanently, in a couple ways. Here's what I do. I export the placeable items with GE, without parent directories, right into my mod maps maps/objects/placeables/ newItemName/new_itemo1.i3d. I then open my mod map, using the Open Mod, and navigating to the modDesc.xml file, and once the GE is open to th emap I import the object into the map and place it. The second way is to call them directly form the game via the maps "defaultVehicle.xml" file. Goldcrest Valley has an excellent example of this with the "Placeable" farm sheds and vehicle shed at the main farm. You will note that they are called directly, and you can move or try to delete them in the editor all you want, but until you take them out, or change the coordinates to their call in the defaultVehicle.xml file they will show up in the same place every time in game.

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 22.11.2016 16:29
Hello farmers and modders.
I wish can find answers to my questions here in this post about placeables.
I find the same problem as Todd (original post) when I place a object in game they don't show in my Goldcrest mod map opened with GE
I understand GE don't read the default vehicles xml.
I know how to import objects like James explain very well in his post, but here my question. When the placeables have instructions or functions they don't work in game if imported in GE... Só how can I show the placeables in GE to edit my map and fit the environment to place the object via XML?
I hope explained myself cuz English isn't my native language.
Thanks in advance.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 25.11.2016 04:02
Manny Dos Santos ... for me GE reads the defaultVehicles.xml and I have it placed in my maps root. Your placeables show up here, and you will need to add them from your savegame files each time you place something. Let's say you place a shed, close and save the game, noe before you open the same map with the editor, open your savegame\vehicles.xml, and find the new palceable then copy to clipboard. Close this file without saving if asked. Next open the defaultVehicles.xml in your maps root, and add the new placeable, and it will now (or should) show up in the editor when you open the map. This works for me, but if you have problems post back and I'll try to explain better.

Chuck Cordeiro (chuck) 06.06.2022 17:30
Hello ... I'm having a problem with all my maps that I'm trying to work on. The Farm buildings aren't showing up on map in Giants editor. Some village buildings are there but that's all. There's no silos or other farm buildings or any farm debris. Any suggestions????
I've check the file installation path several times and it appears to be correct.

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