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GE 7.0.3 Crash Problem

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Created12.11.2016 14:26

F Thomas (theGerman) 12.11.2016 14:27

If the new version of the GE installed, now happens the following, as soon as I click in the Transform Group trainSystem01 on track01, the GE crashes.
Same tested with the GE 7.0.2, no problem.

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 13.11.2016 15:26
I experiance crash while painting ground with foliage, for example grass or wheat.
It just suddenly diplays message: Stopped responding...

Hitman Hitman (Unknown) 14.11.2016 20:20
I eperienced the same with using the foliage.
I hope they fix it soon.

Terazie Shaun (terazie) 16.11.2016 14:14
i have the same when i want to set some grass in it says giants editor doenst work anymore

Calum Dixon (Unknown) 17.11.2016 06:28
There is an issue for some users with the create/edit Spline on 7.0.3. (What the trains operate on)

This has been posted numerous times on the forum.

There is no fix at this time.

Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 17.11.2016 10:23
According to Chris from Giants (in Monday's modding team speak session) a new version of the editor (7.0.4) should be released soon :)

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