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Created18.11.2016 21:31

William Lee (rikor420) 18.11.2016 21:36
Hiya, four questions i have to ask.

1. How do i load a map01.i3d?
2. how do i find a good working blank map?
3. how do i make a map?
4. I have maya but i don't know how to make one any suggestions on a tutorial or explain on how to create a map and what dimension that is required before going out of boundries?


Joseph E Williams (Josephwilliams1990) 18.11.2016 22:55
1., giants editor will open a map01.i3d and only giants editor.
2. Check modhoster saw one on there the other day
3. check out the tutorials on FSUK in the forums section.
4 you don't make the terrain in maya, biulding, etc but not map terrain all done in the editor.

Gs Modding (kennethdarnoldjr) 21.11.2016 21:49
here is a great 4fold map one of my own you can get it here also has models to work with.

William Lee (rikor420) 24.11.2016 12:51
Thanks guys.

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