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I'm trying to make a larger pig food pallet.

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Created20.11.2016 21:21

Tia Sevensins (Unknown) 20.11.2016 21:35
Hi guys!

I'm reasonably new to attempting to modify stuff in the game but, I have had some success.

Anyways, I am trying to create a larger pig food pallet. The standard ones are way too small and one mod I have found increases that to 6000l.
I have another nifty mod that spawns certain pallets on a stand with a 20,000l capacity. Recently I edited the .xml and .i3d files of these and made them 40,000. That's the number I want for my pig food one too but this mod doesn't have it.

I have managed to modify the mod with the stand and now when I go to the store, there is one for pig food but it wont tip into a trailer that already has 6,000l of pig food in it. I also managed to edit the other x6 pallet mod to have 40,000l of pig food in it but, it is far too heavy for any machine, hence the idea to have one on a stand.

Long story short, I don't know exactly what figures I need to change in the xml or i3d of the better mod with the stand in which i created the pig food pallet so the game actually realises it is indeed pig food and that it is supposed to add it to things that are empty or partially full of the stuff. I suspect it's something in the triggers.

I don't know if I can post links etc, so I wont but the two mods I refer to are below:
Pallet Feed (That's the one with the stands, but no pig food)
Pallet X (the one with the x6 pallet of pig food)

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Tia Sevensins (Unknown) 21.11.2016 19:03
Even if someone can point me towards a way to change the mass of the x6 pallet I made that works so that I can lift it, It is far too heavy for any implement.

I know I can decrease it to something like 10,000 or even 20,000 but I would like to be able to set it up and leave it while I tend to other tasks so I can return to a full trailer.

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