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why is the terrain showing through fields ?

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Created03.12.2016 08:25

Harry Sachz (harry_sachz2) 03.12.2016 08:26
Trying to figure out why i see the terrain from under the fields showing through my fields when i look at them from certain angles.

Dan Wheat (Wol67) 11.02.2017 06:50
I was wondering the same thing, for me it only happens when looking North, and it's really bad on Field 20 and the one south of it on the U.S. map.

Joseph E Williams (Josephwilliams1990) 13.02.2017 18:54
I found a solution to this when making my own map, if this is a mod map then the water shader is to blame, just remove the water and the issue should go away.
If is is the default map causing the issue, remove all mods an see if the issue goes away.
If not update the graphics drivers.

Kari Halonen (Jurkkis) 16.02.2017 14:41
This was a bug that has been fixed in game varsions 1.4 and up

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