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Cattle wont spawn inside my Mesh

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Created10.12.2016 16:52

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 10.12.2016 16:57
Have a problem with fist map here.

I have been trying out how to make a new map.
Everything was going fine, until I was testing my map, from one test to another, suddenly the number of Cows showing in the pasture is very low.

I know that only 20-25 will spawn no matter how many cow I buy, but atm I have only 6 cows spawned and showed in my pasture.

I happend from one map update to another, where I as working on the feeding trough for the inside of the stable.

Before there was no problem and it showed the right amount of Cows in the stable and on the pasture.

Anybody ho has tried this aswell? Any easy fix?

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 19.12.2016 18:51

Bernie Scs (BernieSCS) 19.12.2016 22:19
Hi, Probably you have painted some Cow_meshes in a different Area. Check your Painting agian.
Cheers BernieSCS

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 20.12.2016 08:34
It is also governed by the graphics settings you have set in the game menu.
Higher graphics shows more cows, so make sure you have not turned the detail down.

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