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Created15.12.2016 16:32

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 15.12.2016 16:32
Hello dear farmers!
Im building a Seed/Fertilizer Silo and i can't make it fill seeders machines and spreaders.
If someone can point me in the right direction i really appreciate.
Im looking in scripts and other silos mods and i can't find a solution.
Greeting and have a good modding and farming.
PS.: The point it's buy the merchant (seeds and fertilizers) at store carry to farm and store it, later when desired fill directly the implements and machinery.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.12.2016 19:29
Seed and fertilizer use the FillTrigger instead of usual SiloTrigger.
But if you use the FillTrigger, you buy (for high cost).

In my eyes a BUG, since the "FillTrigger.lua" doesn't respect the user attribute "priceScale" anymore (in opposite to FS15).
Maybe intention, maybe they have simply forgotten to implement.

Bernie Scs (BernieSCS) 19.12.2016 22:36
Hi i think its possible.

you only have to write in you Map XML following

<tipTrigger index="SEED_SILO" stationName="station_farmSilo" appearsOnPDA="true" isAreaTrigger="true" isSellingPoint="false" triggerWidth="3" supportsExtension="true" storageRadius="100" >
<fillType name="seeds" priceScale="0" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />
<fillType name="fertilizer" priceScale="0" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />
<fillType name="liquidFertilizer" priceScale="0" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />

Change the fuits and the Index to SEED_SILO in the TipTrigger UserAttributes
The SiloTrigger (Loadtrigger must have a new Name __ SAVE : Storage.....

Cheers Bernie

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.12.2016 23:36
Yes - that's possible. Normal trailers you can un/load.
However the SiloTrigger wouldn't fill seeds and fertilizer machines directly, because they use the FillTrigger instead.
Though you can overload with a suitable auger wagon.

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