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GoldCrest Map Twice as Big?

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Created27.12.2016 13:18

Chuck Wilson (MountainDue) 27.12.2016 13:38
We have a lot of time playing on GoldCrest, We own all the fields and we want to make the map twice as big. I have been making small edits to GoldCrest like deleting trees, bushes utility poles the map is already all zipped up as a mod map. I have read on here to just double the size of the Dem.png So here it is 2049x2049 doubled the size of all weight png's like this one my map is screwed up looking like this and notice all the errors about incorrect format. Must be 8bit single channel. in the screen shot. If anyone can help I would be real happy. I have spent over 20 hours with all fail.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 28.12.2016 05:01
I hope you made a backup is all I can say. That is a seriously advanced edit, you have to fully understand how the maps work in 3D space, and your not the first one I've seen do this. Never, I repeat, never do anything without first doing a backup.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 28.12.2016 06:01
If you whant to use yuor map you need to get a 4x starter map take the dem png open in gimp then open yuor dem png copy then past it in the middle of the 4x dem save it your map will be in the middle of the new 4X dem now copy all the 4X starter maps wieghts files and should work,the sucky part is now you have to repaint all the terrian and replant all the grass as for the fields start map in game save and copy over your fuit wieghts and cultivation wieghts into your mop01 file and remove the ones in thier then open the map in GE and the fileds will show you will need to uncheck ownedByPlayer in the attributes on the field the map starr you with ,with the new missions the game will palnt all the fields. and always before you start as James says make backUps, I dont nkow how the get that 8bit single channle fixed that is why i just took png from old 4X map and repainted and plant all the grass.
hope that helps thier is some videos on Dajnet youTube channel that will show you how to make a 4X map from GoldCrest.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 28.12.2016 06:38
Lets put it this way Chuck, you can't enlarge Goldcrest this way and play it how it was, your starting over from scratch basically, and your previous savegames will not work. I'm doing a 16x map, from scratch, and if you want a big map that's the way to do it.

I took the standard flat mod map dem, latest error free version, and dropped it in the middle of the 16x sample map dem, they both have flat dem's (the dem files are the height maps 2 bit 8 channel raw files) so the result was a 4096x 4096 flat map (terrain adjusted to 100), All the other files from the 16x can be just dropped in at this point. Now this map is 4 times the size of your standard maps and a HUGE amount of work.

Quick edit: On thing you could try Chuck is to start a new Goldcrest, save and exit, then try dropping one of your previous save-games in and see if that doesn't bring you back to where you were.

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