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Error with modded forage cutter

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Created27.12.2016 19:25

Branden Odgers (ncraiders) 27.12.2016 19:31
I converted a maize forage header to cut poplar. After doing that i get a lua error because poplar only has a center effect in the cutterEffect_materialholder.i3d file. So i made a new cutterEffect_materialHolder.i3d file specifically for poplar with the left and right effects added. now i am trying to figure out how to get the game to use my cuttereffect_materialholder.i3d instead of the default one the game uses. I have tried many things to get the game to use my file but so far cannot find out how to do it. I would appreciate any help somone might give.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 29.12.2016 01:17
you would need to have the animation of the cuttereffect in the new poplar cutter .xml and just make the cut width wider and let the game load the center effect because you shuold be able to edit thier cutter and make the cut width what ever you whant.Because of how all the cutter effects are now loaded from the data/particleSystems /cutterEffect_materialHolder.i3d when you load the map in game you would have to have a script to tell the game to load your cuttereffect_materialholder.i3d instead when running your header.

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