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Adding a Hydraulic Ram - Problems

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Created04.01.2017 12:50

Brian Bolger (briano74) 04.01.2017 12:56

I am making a new mod and want to open a lid with a hydraulic ram. I cannot get the rod to translate in the right axis.

Can you help with the rules for making this work. See pic of the setup

This is what it is doing!

The piston will not position or translate correctly

Any ideas?



Brian Bolger (briano74) 04.01.2017 13:04
This is the XML code:

<movingTool index="0>8"/>

<movingTool index="0>24">
<controls axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM" iconFilename="$dataS2/menu/moveControls/topDoor.png" invertAxis="true" invertMouseAxis="true" speedFactor="0.3"/>
<rotation rotSpeed="45" rotAcceleration="280" rotMax="40" rotMin="6" rotationAxis="3"/>
<dependentPart index="0>25"/>
<movingPart index="0>25" referencePoint="0>24|0" referenceFrame="0>24|0">
<translatingPart index="0>25|0|0"/>

Here are pictures of the GE file

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 09.01.2017 15:39
start with making sure the model is correctly setup on child / parent and its axis and O-point. That's the main reason this happens

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