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Storage shelters won't delete on Goldcrest Valley edit

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Created13.01.2017 14:20

Troy Thomas (Unknown) 13.01.2017 14:25
I've created a completely new sample mod map and when I edit it in the Giants Editor and try to delete the storage shelters at the main farm they will delete in the editor but when I save and open up the map mod in game those shelters still appear. I can do anything else and everything works fine, it's just those shelters that won't delete.

I've deleted shelters elsewhere on the map, same type of shelters, and they disappear when I start up the game but the ones at the main farm won't. I can't figure this out.

Not opening the game off of a save game so I know that's not the issue.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 13.01.2017 20:16
you have to remove them from defaultVehicles.xml

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