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Change filltype seeds to only one fruitseed

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Created20.01.2017 09:51

Michael Busch (Buschi) 20.01.2017 09:58
Hello Community

I have created a pallet with seedbags for wheat.
My pallet based on Seeds Big Big Pallet.
Now i want to fill the sowing machines with the pallet on a frontloader, but only with seed fruit Wheat.
Is there a chance to chance the filltype seeds to filltype seeds only wheat?

I have try it with the seedsfruitcategory , but it doesn`t work and no errors in console.



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.01.2017 13:12
FS17 (as well as all earlier FS) doesn't make a difference between types of seed. There's one seed for all FruitTypes.

It would be very difficult and complex to mod this feature. A bunch of LUAs had to be changed as well as the sawing machine XMLs.

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