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Building a lowloader/lowboy and bundleElements

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Created04.02.2017 09:12

Jason Fiset (jasonf) 04.02.2017 09:14
I'm working on a new low deck trailer similar to the Goldhofer trailer. I'd like to have the neck and deck purchase as a single item in the store like the goldhofer. I've tried working with the bundleElements in the XML file but I can't seem to get it to work. I can't purchase the trailer and there are no errors showing in the log. Is it possible to turn up the error logging so I can see what is going on? I looked at another trailer but they aren't using the bundleElements feature and I'd really like to use it.


Jason Fiset (jasonf) 06.02.2017 07:44
The specialization "SemiTrailerFront" does not lock the neck properly when buying the trailer in two pieces. It only seems to lock the neck properly when you disconnect the neck from a trailer but I can't get this bundle to work to purchase the two pieces as one trailer. Any help or more information on how the bundleElements work would be greatly appreciated.

J Bartsch (Jbartsch) 27.04.2017 01:35
yes I would like to know the same thing. trying to bundle two pieces together on purchase but it says I cant purchase item and no errors in log. I would like to see how the moddesc is setup. I tried doing the new mod from game thing in GE but its the only mod that doesn't work either doing it that way. top secret stuff or what? haha

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.04.2017 07:02

please take a look at the xml file:
This is the file you want to put in the modDesc.xml (not goldhoferStzVp3Back.xml or goldhoferStzVp3Front.xml)

Try to understand every entry.
That system should work with mods too, but I never tried it to be honest.

If nothing works you could upload your .xml files to pastebin and link them to this thread.
Maybe somebody can locate an error.


J Bartsch (Jbartsch) 28.04.2017 01:07
here is an image of moddesc

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.04.2017 06:51

the element "rootNode" in the storeItems should be useless.
But that does not explain why the vehicle can't be loaded.

Are you sure that there is really no warning and no error message in your log?
Somehow I bet there is at least one :)
Please have a second look or post the log.txt at pastebin.

Your modDesc.xml looks good to me so far.
But as we can't see all of it and can't see the bundle.xml (as well as the vehicle..xml) files, there's no guarantee that it is really OK.
One thing to do is to check your modDescVersion. It must be at least 30.


J Bartsch (Jbartsch) 29.04.2017 04:19
yes moddesc version is at 32. here is pic of ingame screen shots of purchasing drill. i only put drill mod in mods folder. no error given on trying to purchase which is difficult to fiqure issue. (bundle xml pic)

i have one inputattacher joint on the drill along with an attacherjoint for the conveyor to attach to tank. then on conveyor i only have on inputattacherjoint. that's it. seemed straight forward but not sure whats off. thx

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.05.2017 07:10

hmmmm. Maybe ther's just not enough space to place the vehicles.
You could test that by creating a mod map and adjusting the store spawn places in such a way that there is a huge amount of space.
Eventually you can fix it by adjusting the values of the <offset> attribute. (Are they correct anyway?)

In the end you might want to decide that the vehicles have to be purchased individually.


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