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Changed the modmap without any result

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Created09.02.2017 18:36

Nils Van Elst (fs187) 09.02.2017 18:59
This is my first modmap what i made from Goldcrest.

I made some small changes near the existing farm to checkout how it's work, but nothing was changed and my vehicle shelters are gone.

After the changes i saved it, made a zipfile and put it in the modfolder.
No errors when i open the game.

Zipped file haves a different name.
i3D file is named map01.i3d.

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 19.02.2017 18:42
Hi Nils

It sound to me like you edited the original Goldcrest map. This will cause many problems. I suggest you re-install the game. Look in the installation file for a folder called SDK. You have to follow the correct steps to make a modmap otherwise your game will be broken.

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