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Front wheels not in center

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Created15.02.2017 11:38

Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 15.02.2017 11:40
Hi, I have got small problem with front wheels on my tractor. They are not in center as they should be. It's not problem of suspension, that is ok. There must be something else that causes this.

It looks like this:

Thank you!

Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 25.02.2017 15:07
Hi again, this problem is still here. I tried lots of things to solve it, but nothing helped. It's OK without specialization "steerable" in modDesc. But this specialization is necessary, so I don't know what to do. As I said, nothing helped.

Eanna Wood (Eanan5) 25.02.2017 16:04
Have you moved the wheel node in the i3d up a bit?

Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 25.02.2017 16:14
Wheel node in i3d is exactly in the center. I want to solve it without moving it up. It works on other tractors so it must work on this one as well. Moving it up is my last choice, when everything fails.

Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 18.03.2017 17:02
Wheels are in right place after buying, but when I get in a tarctor, they are not. I don't know why. (Y trans in i3d is default 0, after getting on it changes visibily to around -0.035).

Exactly as on the picture below.

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