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Created16.02.2017 02:34

Hans Prut Skid (hansdk2) 16.02.2017 02:38
Hi there, i am trying to make a GoPro on my tractor. I have made what a could, like pointing the right way and FOV but i want the camera to stay. When i start driving the camera move into the tractor and i want it to freeze where i have out it.
Any solution??

Tykonket (IlMat) 16.02.2017 11:30
Please post the current xml conf of your camera.
Anyway i'm not sure that this is doable with the current vehicleCamera script, i think if you want do something like this you'll need to cange a bit some scripts.

Hans Prut Skid (hansdk2) 16.02.2017 13:33
<cameras count="3">
<camera1 index="0>1|0|0" rotatable="true" rotateNode="0>1|0" limit="true" useWorldXZRotation="true" rotMinX="-1.4" rotMaxX="1" transMin="4" transMax="40">
<raycastNode index="0>1|2"/>
<raycastNode index="0>1|3"/>
<raycastNode index="0>1|4"/>
<camera2 index="0>1|1" rotatable="true" limit="true" rotMinX="-1.1" rotMaxX="0.4" transMin="0" transMax="0" useMirror="true" isInside="true"/>
<camera3 index="0>1|5|0" rotatable="false" rotateNode="0>1|5"/>

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