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Train system problem!!

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Created21.02.2017 14:19

Ades Sadaert (Drandrad) 21.02.2017 14:21
I have problems with train actually i am using 4x map template and creating my own during test my train is on sky. I added splines and xml things to my map everything seems to be fine without errors but always whatever i do my train is on sky and i cant select anything in that area in editor. When i tried to delete and clean all train system from map after that my game stuck at loading and nothing happens without errors

Robert De Langen (Unknown) 12.07.2017 23:06
maby some help here?

Sascha Christen (cftmaster) 15.07.2017 07:45
check the translations and rotations of your splines... maybe they're not 0 0 0 on each axis ;)

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