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The problem of collection of potatoes using a cutter.

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Created21.02.2017 15:27

Grzegorz V (vnsfdg21) 21.02.2017 15:56
I make a machine for harvesting potatoes with the rows arranged on the field.

The machine that creates the rows of potatoes on the field:

I want to use <cutter fruitTypes = "potate" useWindrowed = "true"> </ cutter> but the machine does not respond to this crop.
 Is there any way to make this machine gathering these zmiemniaki from the field?

The machine which collects the potatoes from the field

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.02.2017 07:22

the Cutter.lua, can only cut "foliage fruits" and "windrows", but it can't be used to 'pick up a fill type'.
This could be done by using the Shovel.lua or a custom script.

Nice mods!


Grzegorz V (vnsfdg21) 22.02.2017 15:54
Hmmm ...
If the potatoes add something like a swath of grass, with a script [registerFruitTypeWindrow] It is then cutter.lua to react to this plant?

This sense?

I would even ask what this element [setFruitTypeWindrow], because the description of the lot had not learned. We can only guess that this is something replaces.

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