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Releasing modified versions of giants' mods

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Created13.03.2017 10:37

Sebastian P (Unknown) 13.03.2017 10:37

We, along with many thousands of people, really enjoy the functionality of the crop destruction mod from Giants. However, the way it detects fruits is incompatible with a mod that we are working on. The change is pretty trivial and we would like to release the modified version of this mod, but I am not quite clear if this is allowed on mod hub or not. We are not interested in royalties from this modified version of crop destruction. We just want to make sure that players can still use crop destruction with our upcoming mod.

Thoughts from Giants' employees on this please?

Sebastian P (Unknown) 21.03.2017 22:18
Never mind. I resolved the problem by overwriting the function from within our mod, therefore did not have to copy the entire Giants mod.

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