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changing size of superflex draper

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Created23.03.2017 22:28

John Coventry (Unknown) 23.03.2017 22:33
Lately i decided to make a 60ft superflex header for the CR10.90 , so i took the 45ft superflex draper header as required through Giants editor then sorted the modesc so i could ingame it and it works fine.
The problem i am undergoing is i cant seem to make it bigger from a 45ft too a 60ft due to the new fs17 ways.
Any help on this subject would be very grateful as ive run out of ideas as all so far makes game crash

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.03.2017 07:26

just scaling an object does not work anymore - for several reasons.

You need to export the object to Maya (via .obj format).
Adjust the sizes and re export it.


John Coventry (Unknown) 24.03.2017 20:53
Ah see that explains a lot now thank you for your quick response on this subject means a lot

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