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Change how low a 3 point linkage implement is lowered

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Created18.04.2017 13:00

Eanna Wood (Eanan5) 18.04.2017 13:01
What value in the xml does this? My implement lowers too low when I press V and I need to adjust this.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.04.2017 06:58

you want to adjust the tool, not the tractor, right?

In this case check out the following attributes in the tools xml file:
<inputAttacherJoint jointType="implement" index="0>0" topReferenceNode="0>1" lowerDistanceToGround="0.68" upperDistanceToGround="1.3" />
(taken from: amazoneCatros6002.xml)

The value you want to adjust is: "lowerDistanceToGround"

Note: you do not need to restart the game if you wanna test your new settings.
Just sell and (re) buy the tool.
Or you the console command "gsReloadVehicle"


Eanna Wood (Eanan5) 19.04.2017 15:20
Thank you this works perfectly!

Pieter Adrian Burger (Zippgunn) 24.06.2017 11:54
Just wondering why the: "gsReloadVehicle" console command does not work?
I have tried this while in a driven vehicle, but it does not work.
As far as the game is concerned it does not exist, could you explain a bit more please?

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